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Established in May 1983, Creative Point has been known for issues management, crisis preparedness and strategic communication. It started out as an advertising company, and shifted to public relations and communications consulting and began servicing companies in regulated and crisis-prone industries.

It has a large portfolio of successful and award-winning campaigns and programs. It offers training and consultancy services to companies and individuals who would like to sharpen their skills in strategic communication.


An Award-Winning Company

Over the decades we have won numerous awards for our clients, ranging from Anvil Awards (including a Grand Anvil), Quill Awards, the CEO Excel Awards and Outstanding Alumni for the Chairman.

Anvil Awards

We have won several awards for our clients, by conceptualizing and implementing the campaigns for them, and packaging the nominations.

CEO Excel

Chairman gets CEO Excel Award

Creative Point Chairman Dante Velasco joins the roster of excellent CEOs when he became a recipient of the famed CEO Excel Awards.

Distinguished Alumni

University of the Philippines Distinguished Alumni

The chairman also received citation as one of the University of the Philippines’ distinguished alumni.

Grand Anvil

The famed Grand Anvil

The Grand Anvil is a sought-after award of all public relations firms. Creative Point has won it for a client in its issues management campaign.


Consulting Services

We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
Risk and Crisis Communications

Crisis is a pivotal force that can make or break a company or an individual. Handling crisis well can result in opportunities for growth and renewed trust of your stakeholders. But failure to respond to crisis situation has the danger of ruining the enterprise.  We protect the reputation of individuals and companies through risk management and crisis communications. By identifying crisis alert levels and crafting strategies, we help clients minimize the impact of a crisis before it becomes full-blown. This includes equipping them with the defenses and tools needed to hold their ground during a crisis and rehabilitate their reputation.

Corporate Governance and Advocacy

With the advent of social media and online channels, news travels with just a single click. The consuming public have increased expectations about a company’s social engagement, particularly when it comes to sustainable practices and lawful operations that impact its employees, the environment, and the immediate community. It is important that organizations have certain advocacies that will benefit its stakeholders. Creative Point, through its research-based strategy formulation, is able to recommend effective advocacy and corporate governance initiatives to its clients that can foster better relations with its various publics and stakeholders.

Brand and Marketing Communications

In branding and marketing communications, one must craft compelling messages to catch the attention of your target publics. Consumer engagement is also vital, to keep your market interested, and eventually transform messages into sales and market share. Creative Point is backed with sector knowledge, attained through research and information gathering that allows us to identify the needs of the target market. In knowing their needs, your messages will make an impact, and eventually start a conversation to make consumers follow you.

Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Consumers have an increasing awareness of sustainable practices and corporate social responsibility of companies. Individuals are taking on their own advocacies, from the environment, to health, to sound governance. It is important for a company to practice social responsibility while remaining profitable so that it would gain and maintain a good corporate reputation. Creative Point offers perspectives on how your business and corporate social responsibility can work together to make you gain the confidence of investors, the trust of employees and the loyalty of customers. The CSR programs will be coupled with an effective communication plan to “Do good and tell it well.”

Research and Data Mining

The key to effective communication and strategies is knowing your target audience. Research provides the information and the basis for the kind of communication that can drive results. The wealth of information gathered through research is key in reaching your target market. Creative Point is armed with a research group that can derive such information by conducting surveys, focused interviews and focused group discussions at the community level. We can also acquire data through content analysis of posts in social media channels. 

Production of collaterals and presentations

They say that a picture can paint a thousand words. That’s why we have on our team a group of creative strategists and artists who can produce powerful messages through the use of photographs, graphic art and compelling videos. We have a track-record of producing award-winning collaterals, photographs, video productions, presentations and websites that will create more impact to your target market. 



Creative Point offers customized seminars and workshops for companies as well as public seminars where companies can send their spokespersons or officials who need to be trained to handle media. All workshops include lectures from experts in public relations and in media, followed by simulation exercises that would allow the participants to have an “on-the-job” training and constructive critiquing for a total course package.

Some of our course offerings include the following:

New Media Strategies

The advent of the internet has shown that news now travels as fast as the finger can click. There are also some dynamics between traditional and online media. Online media has become a force to reckon with, since it can create news stories that will be picked up by tri-media, and can also what is reported in traditional media. This module will train groups to respond to reports and posts in both mass media and online media. It includes a mix of simulated interviews on TV, and simulated posts in online media. Both the recorded interview and online posts will be reviewed by the critiques to recommend areas for improvement in the group’s communication process.

Mastering Media Interface

Before facing media, spokespersons and company officials need to be equipped with the needed skills and techniques in handling a media interview — whether it be in print, radio or TV. This module is a basic media training course that will give those who are still beginning to explore the world of media appearances the dos and don’ts of every interview. The simulation exercises will enable the participants to practice and “get their feet wet” before plunging into a real live interview.

Stakeholder Engagement

Companies have different stakeholders with different needs and interests. These stakeholders include the government and regulatory agencies, the employees, the immediate community, and media. Relationships with these stakeholders require a deep understanding of their interests, and is particularly a critical during a crisis situation. This workshop will equip participants on how to acquire the right information, maintain a good corporate reputation, gain stakeholder support and improve revenues. Such workshop will allow participants to dig deeper into the culture and psyche of their target stakeholders and eventually win their support through strategic communication initiatives.

Strategic Planning

Every organization needs a roadmap to follow each year, and a strategy on how to traverse that roadmap. Creative Point has been involved in strategic planning for corporations for many years and has facilitated several planning workshops for our clients in different industries — ranging from national government agencies, to big corporations in the power, water and tollroads sector, to non-profit organizations and also small businesses. 

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