Corporate History

No firm can effectively communicate or move with a mass of ideas…

If one doesn’t arrive at the point of convergence where ideas acquire their greatest power.

Some call this “INSIGHT.”

We call this “CREATIVE POINT.”

Creative Point International Inc. (CPI) was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) engaged in the business of public relations and advertising in 1982 by its Founder and Chairman, Dante M. Velasco, inspired by his Master’s thesis in the Asian Institute of Management where he graduated with a Master in Management (Executive MBA) in 1981.

That explains CPI’s keen understanding of the business logic of its clients, which makes for a superior communication strategy. A keen business sense and excellence in strategic thinking and writing gives CPI competitive advantage in this discipline.

CPI continued being a full service advertising firm, but focused on corporate and advocacy advertising. Therefore, CPI flourished as a Public Relations firm with strengths in Reputation Building, Brand Communication, Issues Management, Crisis Preparedness, Investor Relations, Media Engagement, PR Education (through seminars and workshops on key PR strategies), regulatory communications, and political and governance PR.

Our Company has become the preferred service provider of major industries with strong public interest orientation – e.g., telecoms, transportation, construction, cement manufacturing, mining, power generation and distribution, water supply, public health, among others.

In some cases, when our client firm initiates judicial intervention or brings an issue from the “court of law” to the “court of public opinion,” CPI gives each client the upper hand in media engagement and directs the campaign for a win-win outcome. That’s when both parties settle, because that’s the preferred outcome of any business activity. Always, with it’s wide and deep media network, CPI brings to its clients a decided advantage.

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