Five Low Cost Marketing Tactics

This pandemic has somehow pushed people to venture into entrepreneurship. And those who have been entrepreneurs for a long time, have started innovating to adapt to the new normal, and one of the major innovations is taking their business online. 

We would like to help you jumpstart your journey by showing you that you can actually market online at almost zero costs. Aside from simply selling on social media and online stores, there are a number of ways to engage and grow your community. 

This video introduces the “why” I teamed up with three of my friends and embarked on this project.

Tactic # 1: Run a Livestream Event

Livestream is online streaming media that you broadcast in real-time to your audience.  Livestreaming is very popular on social media and each platform offers their own livestream service. There are other platforms and premium software for streaming video, but it’s best to get started with these free, popular services first.

In this video I will show you the top platforms that you can use for livestreaming to engage with your target market, and Patrick will narrate how livestreaming has actually helped grow and engage his followers. Now he has found a new business model because of his livestream events.

We can help you find ideas for topics for your livestreaming events, and can coach you on how to engage your audience and get leads. You have two options, you can attend our live webinar and interact with fellow entrepreneurs and marketers, or you can have an exclusive coaching call with us. You may use the links below to make your booking and we will get in touch with you for your schedule.

Tactic #2: Create a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a piece of valuable content you give away for free in order to bring people into your marketing funnel. It’s free because the purpose is to spread awareness as far and wide as possible. It should show people how to do something that solves their problems, demonstrating your expertise so they’ll want to learn more from you.

In this video, I will guide you on what would be the best lead magnet for you, and will show you how, in one of my businesses, I hosted on my site a free webinar that actually got me a lot of leads for my business.

If you would like to create lead magnets but do not have the time to write eBooks or develop a video series or other resources, we have the resources that you can offer as lead magnets. We have a collection of templates and private label rights that you can brand as your own. 

We also have funnel recommendations for your business. Just click the links below so you can choose from our recommended funnels, as well as eBooks and courses that you can brand as your own.

Click here to browse through our resources for your LEAD MAGNETS.

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Tactic #3: Produce a Short Training Video

Making a short training video will help increase your reputation as an expert in your field. You can show or explain to your audience how to do something that they can master by the end of the video. People will see this video and click on your link in the profile to see what else you have to offer. 

In this video, I will give an overview of what you can do to make a short training video. Then Marco will give insights on how videos has more than doubled customer inquiries in his business, and how you can get the same results.

If you want to learn more on creating short videos, we can help! We can brainstorm with you regarding the topic of your short training video, and give you tips on recording, editing and finally publishing your video! There are numerous platforms where you can do this at very low costs. You can join others in a live group webinar or have an exclusive coaching call with us, please book your schedule here and we will get in touch with you.

Tactic #4: Publishing a Guest Blog Post

A great way to grow your audience and boost your marketing is to write a blog post and publish it on someone else’s blog. This way, you get exposure to a completely new audience and new leads. You also boost your online credibility by showing that your work is published on someone else’s platform.

In this video we will talk about possible topics that you can write about. Angelica will share her experience from the point of view of someone who allows guests to get published in her blog. And how she used social media in her promotions.

Need tips in writing a good blog post and pitching it to blog owners? Talk with us! We can tell you about the trending topics (what is hot right now), and the “evergreen” topics (these are topics that people are consistently interested in). These will be good to write about. And we will teach you some tips in blog writing, and even press release writing. So you can be able to pitch your stories to blogs, as well as news sites. Register for a group webinar and talk with fellow writers and photobloggers, or you can book an exclusive coaching call with us.

Tactic #5: Getting Customer Referrals

Ask your existing customers and clients for referrals or to share your posts. This is an easy way to leverage your current customers to generate more leads. It’s a very powerful way of marketing because people listen to what their friends say. It can even make your posts viral if there are a lot of people who would share your post.

In this video Aya will share her experience in making her posts viral organically — meaning, she did not use any social media ads but relied on the current customers and followers of her page to share her content. I will also show you some platforms that you can use to encourage and track your site’s referrals in case you decide to do contests and promos to grow your audience and subscribers.   

Want to know more on how you can make your post viral? Talk with us! We will teach you the secrets on how to actually make your posts viral, without spending a lot of money. You can register for our webinar, and join a group of entrepreneurs and marketers, or you can book a coaching call with us so we can discuss your particular project and help brainstorm some ideas on what you can do to get your current customers and followers to refer you to their friends.

If you want to grow your email list through conducting contests or promos, you will need a platform that will help you track those who referred and shared your posts so you can properly give them incentives. Allow us to recommend sites that can do the job for you.

Click here to get our recommended sites for REFERRAL MARKETING.


Now you have 5 low cost marketing tactics that you can put to use right away to start getting results. Even better, you can mix and match them to multiply your results and expand your marketing efforts even further.

Promote your lead magnet in your livestream events. Write a guest blog post that links to your training videos. See which of the above methods works best to get you the results you want and add them to your marketing arsenal.

Download a copy of the e-Book on this lecture. Click here to download:  LowCostMktg_eBook

Stay tuned for more marketing tactics. Meanwhile, you can ask us questions through the webinar or through an exclusive coaching call with us. So... hope to see you, live!

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