Market like the big brands without the big costs


There are several marketing platforms that you can use to market a very low costs. Find out what they are in this eBook!

A peek into the eBook and the five low cost marketing tactics:

1. Running Livestream Events.

Livestream is online streaming media that you broadcast in real-time to your audience. You can broadcast on social media and your viewers can interact with you as they watch. In a livestream, you can teach people something they can use and they can engage directly with you.

2. Creating a Lead Magnet

Create a lead magnet and use it to capture leads. A lead magnet is a piece of valuable content you give away for free in order to bring people into your marketing funnel. It’s free because the purpose is to spread awareness as far and wide as possible. It should show people how to do something that solves their problems, demonstrating your expertise so they’ll want to learn more from you.

3. Producing Short Videos

Make a short training video that you can post on social media and YouTube. Show or explain to your audience how to do something that they can master by the end of the video. People will see this video and click on your link in the profile to see what else you have to offer.

4. Publishing Guest Blogs

A great way to grow your audience and boost your marketing is to write a blog post and publish it on someone else’s blog. This way, you get exposure to a completely new audience and new leads. You also boost your online credibility by showing that your work is published on someone else’s platform.

5. Getting Customer Referrals

Ask your existing customers and clients for referrals. This is an easy way to leverage your current customers to generate more leads. It’s a very powerful way of marketing because people listen to what their friends say.

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